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Crystal Stainless Steel Butterfly Wind Spinner

Crystal Stainless Steel Butterfly Wind Spinner

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The Crystal Butterfly Wind Spinner features a colored crystal center.      All of our new wind spinners reflect light from the surroundings, but the crystal centered designs create a stunning optical illusion.  .  The Butterfly has a large surface area to reflect off, thus catching all the light.      Watch as the light flickers through all the layers resulting in an amazing ripple effect across the spinner, then hits the crystal in the center causing prisms of light to scatter around.   Hang this Wind Spinner in your garden where it will spin naturally in the wind, or if in a calm area, use one of our solar powered motors, or a battery motor indoors.

12" Diameter


STAINLESS STEEL: Will not rust.

HOOK AND SWIVEL: High quality swivel allows it to rotate smoothly and effortlessly.

OUTDOOR USE:  It spins naturally in the wind, or add a solar motor if in a low wind area.

INDOOR USE: Add a battery motor to use it indoors.

FLAT PACKED IN A QUALITY DISPLAY BOX: Perfect for giving or sending as a gift.

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